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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Morning All -

When I first moved into 2B, the husband of the family who lived here prior said, “You’re gonna love the morning light. It’s amazing.” Truth be told, I love all the light. I rarely need to turn on a lamp until long after the sun has set. And as the sun sets, which is simply a gradual darkening since I face east, I love to watch the shadows play. The shadows are courtesy of a number of windows, car and street lights and the big tree, which is excellent company, day and night, outside my living/work space. But the morning light? The husband was right. It is amazing. In sleeping to waking, I’ve often wondered if I have left a light on all night. And as I make my way from the bedroom to the kitchen, I realize - no, it is the sun. I woke up with the sun this morning and as I sat in my chair facing the glorious and “amazing” light, I was pondering and feeling:

  • Wishing for all to be safe.

  • Thankful for what is and the promise of what can be.

  • And remembering that a way to restore faith and trust and hope when they are broken and wounded and cautious, is to simply watch a sunset. Because we all know the sun will rise the next morning.

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend about that very restoration and the Annie song “Tomorrow”. Maybe that’s why it’s so enduring. Annie knew - the sun will come out tomorrow. With sunshine on a somewhat cloudy day in Brooklyn, I am sending you much love. Cindy

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