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I grew up in Texas and spent some formative and fabulous years in Manhattan and Chicago as an actor, writer and teacher.  I began receiving and studying Reiki energy work almost 10 years ago.  Since that time, the different paths I’ve followed throughout my life have begun to form a more cohesive picture. 

I live and work in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn.  I give Reiki and Chakra Energy healing sessions, have a podcast of “true stories straight from the heart” called Unabashed from 2B and am co-founder and maker of Dear Universe Products.  I completed my Master Reiki course study with the energy medicine and intuitive healer, Marilyn Vega.  I continue to work with her, as well as, Anodea Judith, the western most expert on Chakra energy work and healing.

My prior paths include a theater background, work in the design field as a Human Resources coordinator focusing on employee health & wellness, and teaching children and adults how to find and use their voices and physical selves in theater and other areas of study.  And now, along with my healing practice, I continue to write.

I love words, especially when they are quietly spoken from, and heard by, our hearts.  To understand specific words more fully, I frequently begin with definitions and pay attention to ones that resonate most deeply for me.  Healing ... to make free, to make well again.  From the Proto-Germanic word “khailaz” which means “to make whole”.  Intention ... purpose, a goal.  And a definition which is considered “obsolete” but is my absolute favorite ... to set out on one's course.

I'm inspired and honored to be working with others.  From my heart to yours, how can I be of service?


My writing is born from dance and theater.  There is communion, power and beauty in the spoken, unspoken and written word.

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Reiki and Chakra Energy Work is a gift of receiving.  A gentle allowance of hands on healing, based in love, love and more love. It allows your stories to be discovered, heard and integrated.


Dear Universe Products are tools born out of the belief that ritual, deep inhalations and exhalations make us better, for each other and ourselves.

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