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A gift of receiving energy and a gentle allowance of hands on healing based in love, love and more love that allows your stories to be discovered, heard and integrated.  It helps to relieve stress and restore balance which in turn, activates your natural healing processes.  The more sessions I give to clients, the more this receipt of energy resonates as important, healing and expanding for all aspects of a life.

Frequently I am asked “how often should I receive a Reiki session?”  I have clients who come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly with the change of seasons and as needed.  It all depends on what you’re looking for but have found the more you receive, the greater the benefit.

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To find calm and a deep breath is invaluable.

For 3+ years, I gave weekly sessions at New York Presbyterian’s Brooklyn Methodist (formerly New York Methodist) Hospital for all staff in clinics, the cafeteria and Emergency, Labor & Delivery and Pediatrics departments.  I learned that a gentle touch to the shoulders, back of the neck and the front of the heart can reset and calm a system in less than 10 minutes.  Much of the staff didn’t use my name, but called me the Reiki Lady and greeted me with a wave, and “Hey Reiki!“  Before the pandemic, I spent a day every other month at Smart Design, giving sessions to their design staff. 

As we develop a new normal post pandemic, the need for taking care of employees and each other is even more important.  Our health and livelihood and families have been challenged in unimaginable ways.  And Reiki work, in person or remote, can make a creative and compassionate difference in recovery and moving forward.


Relieve stress & restore balance in a fast paced life.  Deepen your spiritual connection.  Strengthen your listening skills in all areas but particularly your own intuition.  Ease pain and trauma both physically and emotionally.  Sleep better.  Boost your immune system.  Complement an ongoing medical condition or surgical procedure.  Aid in the grieving process and end of life transitions.

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I’m happy to discuss and consult with regard to discovering what is best for you.  A discounted Wellness Package of 8 sessions can provide a way to embrace and maintain your sense of well being.  Gift Certificates are available and compassionate pricing for all services.  Please inquire


($150 / 90 mins)

We’ll talk a little beforehand to understand what you’re looking for and to set the intention.  You’re fully clothed on a massage table and there is a quiet soundscape and soft light surrounding you.  You’ll start face up on the table and I’ll see how your Chakras are spinning.  And then we begin.  Tuning forks and crystals are used and we end with a meditation.  Most often people feel relaxed, calm and grounded afterwards.


($100 / 90 mins, 30 mins x3)

We'll check in via phone before you receive 25 minutes of remote healing.  You sit still or lay down at home in your favorite spot with all distractions and devices minimized.  With a candle, crystals or whatever soothes you by your side. Three 30 minute sessions.  Consecutive days recommended but we can structure to fit your schedule.


(Starting $500 / visit)

For the caring and forward thinking business owner --- A good investment in a business owner’s most valuable asset and can be supported by insurance companies with wellness allocations.  A brief presentation about Reiki and Chakra Energy work, followed by 20 minute mini sessions for as many employees as time allows.


(Starting $250 / visit)

Spaces collect and attract energy as human beings do.  Powerful words and actions of blessing and mindfulness are accompanied with a thorough cleansing of what has been in your home and what you most desire for it.  It’s an excellent and essential aspect of remodeling, renovating and building anew that can have great meaning for your entire family.  This can also work in a business setting, as well as focus on one particular room in a space.


(Priced Accordingly)

With a base of healing and an ear and eye to creativity and expression, participants will spend time writing, reading and sharing their “Chakra” stories.  The workshop will end with a presentation of what has begun to be developed, the participant’s voice – written and out loud. We are as individual as snowflakes, as like-minded as bear cubs.  Everyone has something interesting to say and we blossom and flourish from listening to ourselves and others.

Image by Alex Lvrs

We have used Cindy’s Reiki sessions as a core component of the Wellness portion of our Employee Benefits alongside mental health therapy and advocacy services.  I have seen firsthand how it lowers stress and can help our employees navigate life’s challenges - which leads to more successful outcomes for our clients.

Dave, Smart Design

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