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Stories are the connective healing threads and intentions for this site.
We are made better by our stories and sharing them.

I’m Cindy D Hanson.  Writer & Storyteller, Healing Practitioner and Maker.  Thank you for visiting my site.

As we move forward during this challenging time, there is a continual re-evaluation of what is valued, and new ways of being; to be better, love better, listen better and care more fully for one another and ourselves.  Courage and kindness are needed.  We are uncovered and hear our heartbeats more clearly, even when we are masked up and considering others more intentionally.  That “hearing of heartbeats” is healing.

My mother, Betty, with a reminder that joy is powerful.
Me, Cindy D. Hanson.  Energy follows conscious thought. Photo by Claudia Christen
The eye of the heart, a pastel drawing made after a meditation. By Cindy D. Hanson
Dear Universe Intention Sprays, inspired by the 7 major chakras, all leading to Good Health.
Chakra stones, made and given to close friends/ family. Photo by Claudia Christen
Ancestor and angelic items in the healing space.
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