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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

And I’m really hoping that’s significant in a positive, affirming and evenly balanced kind of way. And if I’m grasping at straws, then I have a whole handful already and I’m looking for more. The first full moon of 2022 was on Monday the 17th - Martin Luther King Day. I couldn’t find it from my window that evening as the day was cloudy and intermittently gray and potentially full of snow. But last night, there it was, as promised from a day that was bright and shining and blue.

This full moon of January 2022 is called the Wolf Moon. I’m fascinated with wolves. Did you know:

Wolves run on their toes making them better able to turn corners and change directions all while protecting their paw pads. SMART Wolves mate for life and travel in packs and work cooperatively. They exemplify community while valuing autonomy and have a strong social character. LOVING

Wolves do not hibernate. VIGILANT They can swim long distances, love snowy environments, can smell other animals up to a mile away and are very fast runners, because, you know, they’re on their toes.

And they howl. They howl to find one another, to warn each other of danger and to share information. Howling keeps them connected.

Wolves do not look for a fight, but they are FIERCE when needed. And I wonder how fierce do I need to be this year? How smart and loving and vigilant?

The Wolf Moon reminds us that we are wild and free and intuitive. We sense and intuit, we know and we celebrate life. We stand with one another. We take care of each other. And we trust that there is light in the dark even if it’s covered with a cloud.

With a full heart and howling, Cindy

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